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Compiled nv 

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Merchantvillk, N. J. 

Dispatch Publishing House 
kkankkord, phila. 





I Todd — (Reg. Ulsters Office). Ar on a bend gu three crosses cross- 

I lets fitchee of the first, in base a pelican Az — Crest a fieur-de- 

ENGLAND 1593403 

' Todd — (Tranby Park, Co. York, descended from Tjiomas Todd, 
i Esq., of Swanland, same Co. temp. Charles I; named in an in- 

j quisition held on the death of Sir Ralph Elleker, Knt. A. D. 

{ 1642). Ar three foxes heads couped gu, a border vert. Crest 

i on a chapeau gu turned up erm. a fo.x sejant ppr. 

Motto Oportet vivere. 
! Todd — Ar a fess chequy of the first and sa bet. three foxes heads 
j couped gu Crest a foxes heads as in the arms, 

i Todd — Ar three foxes heads erased gu. Crest a fox sejant ppr. 
j Todd — Ar three foxes heads couped gu. Crest a fox running away 
j v^ith a goose over the back all ppr. 

i Todd — Ar on a bend engr. sa plain cotised az bet. two estoiles of 
! the last three foxes heads erased or Crest a fox pass. ppr. col- 

[- lared and chain reflexed over the back or supporting with the 

y dexter paw an escutchen sa charged v/ith an estoile gold. 

Todd — (Sturmer Co. Essex). Ar three foxes heads couped gu. 

Crest a fox sejant ppr. 
Todd — (Bray, Co. Berks). Sa two bars betw. three martlets or 

Crest a v/olf's head or collared flory counter fiory gu. 
! Todd — (Belsize House, Hampstead). Or on a bend per bend gu 
I and az-cotized sa bet, t^.vo roundles per pale of the third and 

i second, three foxes heads couped of the field. Crest a Mount 

I vert thereon a fox sejant ppr. resting the dexter forepaw on a 

1 roundle as in the arms gorged with a collar and chain reflexed 

I therefrom or the chain attached to the pommel of a sv/ord erect 

i on the Sinister Side of the fox, the point downward also ppr. 



Robert Todd came over in the Hopewell, in 1622, and scaled 
in Virginia. He had a son William and Thomas — who was prob- 
ably the Captain Thomas Todd mentioned herein. He was then 
twenty years old and a member of the Church of England. 

William Todd, 1G51, transported by Mr. Antho Stevens, North- 
ampton Co., Va. 

George Todd, 1650, transported by Wm. Yarrett ?nd Ira, Wit- 
tington Co., Va. 

William Todd, 1654, transported by Christopher Regault, Glou- 

Matthew Todd, 1646, transported by John Broach, York 
County, Va. 

Thomas Todd, 1642, transported by Roger Symmons, Va. 

Elizabeth Todd, 1637, transported by Thoas Todd, her husband. 
New Norfolk, Va. 

Robert Todd, 1647, transported by Thomas Jackson, Gent, 
Northampton Co., Va. 

Mary Todd, 1652, transported by John Howett, Northumber- 
land County, Va. -ii • :' •' ; '■ rv rr..T- ! • :., 

Thomas Todd, 1652, transported by Tobias Horton, Lancaster 
County, Va. 

N. B. — There is a record of a Robert Todd baptized October 4, 
1602, of Danby, in Calvery Church, Yorkshire, England, parish 
register. ■■I'.r,. i ... 

The following is from the Land Books of Annapolis, Md., 
showing early arrivals who settled in Maryland and Virginia, by 
the name of Todd: 


ABH, Page 63, Thomas, servant, transported, 1638. 

16, Page 630, Thomas Todd, transported, 1640. 

6, Page 129, Cornelius Todd, transported, 1654. 

6, Page 87, Francis Todd, immigrant, 1658. 

4, Page 137, David Todd, transported, 1659. 

9, V^^e ?69, Elirabeth Todd, transported, 1665. 

8, Page 269, Robert Todd, transported, 1665. 

4, Page 4.34, Alexander Todd, transported, 1666. 

12, Page 202, Capt. Thomas Todd, immigrant, 1669. 

12, Page 202, Ann Todd, wife of Captain Thomas, 1669. 

12, Page 203, Ann Todd, daughter of Capt. Thomas, 1G69. 

12, Page 202, Frances, daughter of Capt. Thomas, 1669. 

12, Page 202, Johanna, daughter of Capt. Thomas, 1668. 

12, Page 202, John Todd, son of Capt. Thomas, 1669. 

12, Page 202, Robert Todd, son of Capt. Thomas, 1669. 
16, Page 79, Thomas Todd, transported, 1670. 

13, Page 122, Frances Todd, transported, 1670. 

16, Page 394, Richard Todd, transported by Thomas, 1671. 
18, Page 160, Jane Todd, transported, 1674. 
15, Page 544, John Todd, transported, 1674. 
15, Page 418, Thomas Todd, transported, 1678. 

(1) Thomas Todd brought his family from England to Norfolk 

County, Va., in 1669, married Ann Gorsuch and had: 

(2) Thomas, of Gloucester. 

(3) Robert, of York River. 

(4) William, of King and Queen; had Richard, Thomas, Dorothy 

and Betty. 


(2) Thomas married and had (5) Richard, who had Bernard and 
William ; both died s. p. before 1745. Thomas had Philip 
and Christopher. 

(4) Major William married Martha Vicars and had : 

(a) Richard, who married Elizabeth Richards, by whom 

• he had three (3) sons: ^V' 'i ;;o;v , . ,. 

"' • William, of Kentucky ''- '>■•- ''('■h : ■ 

Richard, of Kentucky 
Judge Thomas, born 1765, died in 1323. 

(b) Thomas, living in 17-15, died 1781, had: 

William, of King and Queen, IV i'2 ••• 
Harry, of King and Queen. 

(c) Dorothen, married Gorden (d) ; had Wm. Gordon. 

(d) Elizabeth, married Barber; had Richard. 

(6) Fhilip. 

(7) Christopher, born April 16S9, died March 26, 1792, aged 103; 

married Elizabeth , born 1702, died 1764 and had: 

Lucy, born 1721, died 1784; married, 1743, 
' ^" ' Edward Tabb. 


Elizabeth, 1723-178S, married Booth. 
Mary, 1725-1794, married Wyatt. 
Thomas, 1728-1780. 
(4) William, of King and Queen, died 1705; married and had 
Margaret, Francis (Alex Broom, Esq.) 

Robert Todd came over in the Hopewell in 1822 and settled in 
Virginia. He had a son, Thomas Vvilliam, that we know of. 

Capt. Thomas Todd brought over, in 1669, his family, John, 
Robert, Averella, Ann, Frances and Johanna. 

Capt. Thomas Todd brought over, at various times, other Todds. 
This was before and after he settled permanently. (See list). 


Captain Thomas Todd and Ann Gorsuch, of Toddsbury, Wr.rc 
parish, Gloucester County, Va., and Baltimore County, Md., where 
he settled in 1G69. Burgess for Baltimore County, 1674-75, died at 
Bea in 1676. Children: Thomas, John, Robert, Joanna, Ann, Frances 
and Averilla. 

(2) Thomas married and had (3) Anne, (4) Thomas, Jr., (5) 

, (6) V/illiam, (7) Philip, (8) Frances, born 1707; Frances 

born 1G82, died 1703, Christopher. 

(4) Thomas, Jr., married Elizabeth and had Thomas and 

oy ^^i.uj, j^u.ii ...«^~, U*Cu l.~-.; mui-Tied Liordcca: Lcoke, oi 
V/aretov/n, of Gloucecter; Christopher, of Toddsbury, born 1690, 
died 1743, married Elizabeth and had (10) Thomas, born 1724, 
died 17S4, and Lucy, born 1724, died 1794, married Edward Tabb. 
Thomas, of Baltimore County, married Elizabeth and had (12) 
Thomas, of Toads Neck, Baltimore Comity, Md. ; died 1739; m.sT- 
ried Eleanor Dorsey and had Robert, of Showan, Baltimore County, 
Md., also Robert, 

(5) Richard married and had Bernard and V/illiam. 

(6) William married Martha Vicaris (of King and Queen Co., 
Va., 173G), and had (13) Thomas, (14) Richard, (15) Dorothy, (16) 

(13) Thomas married Betty Waring, daughter of Col. Thoinas 
V/aring, of Essex County, Va., and had (17) William (living in 
King and Queen Co., 1772. had then only daughter), (22) Henry (a 
member of Del. for King and Queen, in 1784). 

(14) Richard married Elizabeth Richards and had William, of 
Pittsylvania County, Va., Sheriff, 1786, (19) Thomas, born in King 
and Queen, 1735, died in Kcn'.ucky, 1S26, Justice of United Supreme 
Court, and (20) Bernard, member of Del. Charlotte County, 

(8) Frances, born 1707, died 1753, married Robert North, of 


Thomas Todd, Sr., patented land in Elizabeth City Co., in 1G47, 
and in Gloucester, in 16'34 (Land Books of Virginia). 

The will of Captain Thomas Todd, of North parish, Patapsco 
River, Md., dated 1675, proved May 30, 1677, makes his son Thomas 
sole executor, gives wife Anne four hundred pounds sterhng, and in 
the hands of Alderman Richard Booth, in London, one hundred 
seventy pounds sterling in the hands. 

Of Mr. Robert Gorsuch and also a parcel of land in Old Eng- 
land, also in the possession of Robert Gorsuch, legacies to hia four 
daughters by name, to his brother Christopher, money and 700 acres 

There is filed vnth the will a copy of a letter from Thomas Todd, 
Sr., dated April 1, 1676. He was then on board the ship Virginia, 
bound for England, and was very rich. It is addressed: "ITiere 
for my son Thomas Todd, at his house on North River (Gloucester) 
witli all speed" This Capt. Todd did not bring his family over till 
1609, but it is probable he was in Virginia as early as 16^0. 

Robert Todd, who is mentioned in the records of York County, 
Virginia, in 1642, and v.'ho bought land in Gloucester in 1652. His 
eldest son, William Todd, patented 5C0 acres in Gloucester in 1660. 

Thomas Todd epitaph at Toddsbury is printed in the William 
and Mary Quarterly, 3, 116. See also Hening V, 395, 7-153-8-631. 
There is recorded in Maryland, December 12, 1683, a division be- 
tv/een Charles Gorsuch and Thomas Todd, of Gloucester, of a tract 
of land purchased by said Gorsuch and Capt. Thomas Todd, de- 
ceased, father of said Thomas Todd, of Gloucester. 

Her Epitaph (3-Ann) at Wareham. Sec William and Mar,» 
Quarterly, 2-224 (4 His will, dated January 11, 1714-16, 
was proved in Baltimore Co., Md., June 11, 1715, and in Essex 
Coiinty, Virginia (where he had an estate), on September 23, 1715. 
His widow, Elizabeth, presented it for probate. He styles himself 
Thomas Todd, the younger, of Baltimore County, Maryland, divides 
his estate betv.^een his sons Thomas and Robert, and in case of 



failure of their heirs it is to revert to his brothers, William Philip 
and Christopher Todd. 

"I v/ill that the tract of land I live on in Virginia be held cf 
(by) him that my father shall give his dwelling plantation to, in the 
same right that my father gives the plantation to me, on condition 
that my father gives what personal estate he has in Maryland over 
and above one equal part of his estate elsewhere, to me and my 
heirs, to son Thomas all rings, sword plate, books and surveying in- 
struments, to brother William, and Martha, his wife, rings, re- 
mainder of his estate to his wdfe and children. His father to be 
t,u-.Jl^.. ;.r l.lo Iv/u cd::3, Thomas and P.o^^ert, nppo-'nts Richard 
Colgate and James Phillips executors in Maryland and Brother 
William Todd and Jonatlian Hide executors in Virginia. There is 
also recorded in Essex a power of attorney, dated 1715, from Thomas 
Todd, of Gloucester, to Robert Beverly, to act in his behalf as ex- 
ecutor of his son, Thomas Todd, of Baltimore County, deceased. 

(5) Hening 5-335-6; 8-632. , ,, ^ . 

(6) Hening 7-483; 5-385-6; 8-57-632. 

(7) Plening 7-483; 5-335-C; &-631, and for commission aa 

Sheriff, Council Journal, 1730. , , ,. , ,. .,fr 

.^ ,„ , ,_^,j.^ 


(8) The North family Bible contains the following entries of 
Robert North, son of Thomas and Ellen Nortli, of the parish of 
V/hittington, in the County of Lancashire, in Great Britain, was 
married to Frances Todd, daughter of Thomas and EHzabeth Todd, 
of the Colony of Virginia, the second day of July, Anno Domini 
1729; Frances North, wife of Robert North, departed this life July 
25th, about 9 o'clock, 1745. 

Mrs. Frances Todd was buried at St. Thomas, Md., vrhere her 
tomb remains, v/ith the follov/ing inscription: "Here lyeth the body 
of Frances North, wife of Robert North, who departed this life July 
25, 1745, in the 26th year of her age." 


(9) Hcnning 5-805, Epitaph of Toddsbury, see William and 
Mary Quarterly 3-116. 

A copy from the entry in the old Todd Bible (now lost) jjives 
difference in date and states that his wife Elizabeth was born April 
25, 1701, and died November, 17G4. 

(10) His epitaph at Toddsbury is as follov.'s: Thomas Todd, 
son of Christopher and Elizabeth Todd, born November, 1724:, de- 
parted tliis life 18th of February, 1794. He was probably the 
Thomas Todd who was a member of the House of Delegates, 1791. 

(11) Epitaph William and Mary Quarterly 3-119. 

(jL^; 'liia wiii, Deceaibci o, iVoG, was lecoided at Aniiapolis, 
April 2, 1738, devises to his three daughters, Elizabeth, Eleanor and 
Frances, a tract of land called Showan Hunting Grounds, to his 
S'oungest daughter Mary he devises Todds Industry in Patapsco 
Neck and also a tract called Wills Neck and all my land where 
Thomas Jones now lives, known by the name of Cuckold's Point, 
and my land at the island, called Todds Island, personal estate, to 
his son Thomas and four daughters. 

An old record shows that he married Eleanor Dorscy, who 
married (2) Williaixi Lynch. Her will was proved 1760 and she left 
by her first -marriage (1) Thomas, (2) Elizabeth, married John 
Cromwell ; (3) Eleanor, married John Ensor ; (4) Frances, married 
George Pvistean; (5) Mary, married Worthington. 

(13) Haning 7-484-5-396-8-57— Col Thomas Waring, of Essex, 
in his v/ill, dated 1748, and proved 1754, names his daughter, Betty 
Todd, and appoints Thomas Todd as executor. It appears from a 
deed, dated 1744, and recorded in Essex, that Betty, daughter of Waring, was then the wife of Thomas Todd, of King and 

(14) Henning 8-57. 

(15) Thomas Edmundson, of Essex, in his will, dated 1757, 
says that his late wife, Dorothy, was the daughter of Col. V/illiam 
Todd, who left her a tract of land in Orange County. 


(17) Hening 7-484-8-C32. i 

(18) Statement by members of the family. 

(IS) Statement by members of the family and published ac- 

(20) The Maryland records show that she was a sister of 
Charles Richard Lovelace and Robert Gorsuch, v/ho settled in the 
eastern shore of Maryland. The Quaker records of West Maryland 
show that Charles Gorsuch, son of John and Anne Gorsuch, of 
the Kingdom of England, deceased, married, in 1G90, Ann Haw- 
kins, of Maryland. The visitation of London, 1G53, shows that Rev. 
J:,!::. Czuch, rector cf V/:-ll:l:i:n, Jlcrtforc'rhipc, married in 1023, 
Anne, daughter of Sir William Lovelace, and had issue in 1633 (1) 
Daniel, aged 4; (2) John, (3) William, (4) Catherine; others born 
later. In the county court of Lancasyer, Va,, April 7, 1657, Richard, 
Robert and Charles Gorsuch, sons and co-heirs of John Gorsuch, 
Professor in Divinity, petitioned the court that Francis Mar>'son, 
Esq., might be their guardian; Charles Gorsuch, aged 14, chose his 
brother Robert as guardian. There can be no doubt that this Rev. 
John Gorsuch v/as the rector of Walkham who perhap>s had been 
cvided by Parliament. ir. th- ■,■/''. V^C'^'T. 

On January 13, 1676-77, Mrs. Anne Todd made a deed of her 
property to her brother, Charles Gorsuch, trustee. In 1669 Charles 
and Levelace Gorsuch confirm the title of certain lands granted to 
Levelace in 1661. 

(21) WiUiam and Mary Quarterly, 3-115. 

(22) Henning, 7-633. 

William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 3-116. 


Harry I, Todd had a large grant of land direct from the crown. 
In the eighth volume of Hennings Statutes, page 631, may be found 
an act of the general assembly, of date February 1772, docking the 
entail of the estate of William Todd, gentleman. It recites that one 
Thomas Todd, formerly of the County of Gloucester, gentleman, 
was, in his lifetime, seized of a considerable estate in land, and 
among others a large and valuable tract lying in the Mattsapruy 
River, in the county of King and Queen, and of another tract, con> 
taining about one thousand acres, lying in the Dragon's Swamp, in 
the parish of St. Stephens, in the said County of King and Queen. 

In the deed, dated 16th March, 1709, this Thomas Todd granted 
to his son William Todd and the heirs of his body begotten of 
Martha Vicaris, his intended wife, five hundred acres, part of his 
said tract on the Mattsapruy River, and by his will of date the 4th 
of March, 1723, the same Thomas Todd bequeathed the tract on 
the Dragon's Swamp to his sons Philip and Richard Todd, 

By the death of Philip and Richard, and without male heirs, the 
whole of this estate became vested in the above William Todd, son 
of Thomas. From this WiUiam Todd, the elder, it descended to 
his grandson, by Martha Vicaris, William Todd, of King and Queen, 
v/hose right therein was vested in George Brooks, William Lyne, 
Gregory Baylor, John Taylor, Corbin and Richard Tunstail, as trus- 
tees, to be sold and the proceeds reinvested as directed. 

From an account on page 57 of the same volume of Henning 
it is ascertained that the above William Todd, the elder, died in 
1736, leaving daughters Dorothy and Betty; grandsons William 
Gordon and Richard Barbour and sons Richard and Thomas Todd. 

He left a very large estate in the parish of St. Thomas, Orange 
Cotmty, as well as considerable possessions in King and Queen. 

A large and valuable plot of this property he bequeathed to 
his oldest son, Richard Todd, who was the father of the above Wil- 


liam Todd, grandson of VVilliam, the elder, in whom the entail 
docked in tlie first statute above mentioned had vested. 

This Richard Todd's wife was Elizabeth Richards, a woman of 
great energy and good intellect. William Todd, v.'hose entail was 
docked in 1772, was tlieir eldest son, and the noted Judge, Thomas 
Todd, of Kentucky, their youngest. The latter is stated by Collins 
to have been born in King and Queen County in 1765. His father 
died v/hen he v/as a child; his excellent mother &oon follov/ed to 
the grave. Thus orphaned at an early age, by his guardian he was 
afforded opiX)rtunities for obtaining a good English education and 
xhe lounuaviou oi oxic in llie cla^incs. 

By the embarrassments of his guardian he v/as, while still a 
boy, thrown upon his own recources. For a short tim.e, during the 
closing days of the Revolution, he was in the army. Invited to be- 
come an inmate of the family of his relative, Karry Innes, then 
residing in Bedford County, he became acquainted with the art of 
surveying and obtained the proficiency as a clerk and those meth- 
odical habits and attention to details, which proved the foundation 
of future eminence. Collins asserts tliat he came first to Ken- 
tucky, with the family of Harry Innes, in 1786. McClurg, who v/as 
not apt to have erred in such a matter, that he was at Danville in 
1784, and was chosen and acted as clerk of the first convention held 
at that place in that year, of the convention of delegates from the 
militia companies called by General Ben Logan, v/hich was the fore- 
runner of all the others. From that time he was clerk of all the 
succeeding conventions, until the establishment of the State in 1792. 
He represented Kentucky in the Virginia legislature before the 
separation. In 1792 he was one of the electors of the Senate. He 
v/as the first clerk of the federal court in the district, and upon its 
cstablishmednt of the court of appeals, under the second constitu- 
tion of 1799, he v/as appointed its first clerk. In ISOl he was ap- 
pointed judge of the court of appeals, and in 180S its chief justice. 
V/hen the seventh United States Circuit District was formed he was 

1 1 

appointed by Mr. Jefferson an associate justice of the United States 
Supreme Court, which ofnce he held until his death in 1826. Judge 
Thomas Todd was an amiable, generous man, of kind heart and 
popular manner. 

That he was a man of talent and ability, and of good profes- 
sional attainments is sufliciently evidenced by the acceptable manner 
in which he discharged the duties imposed by those high trusts. 

His abilities commanded the respect, while his personal quali- 
ties won the friendship of John Marshall. 

vj;r^ ,.T;f^ -.Tr-^o ^?1;-Tr^t■.p+v. tJ',»-.-,v ... -p'fr^ rf W'H*'^^ Pt^'.v'""t 
who fell fighting at the Blue Licks. She was the mother of his 
sons. Colonel Charles S., born January 22, 1791, married Letitia 
Shelby. June 16, 1816, died May 16, 1871 ; and John H. Todd, bom 
June 12, 1795, married Marion Knox Innes on October 30, 1817, 
died August 31, 1024, and of his daughters, the first, Elizabeth 
Richards, born November 18, 1792, v/ife of the late John H. Hanna 
and Mrs. Anna Marion, born May 29, 1801. The first of these, 
a of imposing manners and distinguished presence, was Harry 
Innes Todd, born May 26, 1789, died November 29, 1812, unmarried; 
the confidential aide of General Harrison, by whom he was ap- 
pointed. Millicent never miarried, died at age of eighteen. Min- 
ister to Russia, he married a daughter of Governor Shelby, and their 
son Thomas commanded a company in the war with Mexico. 

Judge Todd married, secondly, Lucy Payne, a sister of Mrs. 
Madison; their mother was one of the talented Minstons. This 
second wife was, w^hen she married Judge Todd, the widow of 
Major George Steptoe Washington, the youngest son of Colonel 
Samuel Washington (brother of the President) by his fourth wife. 
By this second marriage, Judge Todd was the father of James 
Madison Todd, of Frankfort. John H. Todd married Maria Knox 
Innes. The other son of Judge Todd, by his first wife, an amiable, 
sensible and fine-looking man, represented Franklin and Ow^en in 


ri; : '.-r'': 


Arms, New Haven Touds 

the legislature in 1820-21-22-23. His wife was his kinswoman, the 
beautiful daughter of Judge Harry Innes. * '' '"'*' ^^"^' 

They had three children, Harry I. Todd, born Septen^ber 16, 
1818, married Jane Eallinger David, August 30, 1839; Catherine 
Lucy, born June 20, 1S24, who married General Thomas L. Crit- 
tenden, October 19, 1842, died March 13, 1895; and Elizabeth Ann, 
born May 8, 1820, married March 29, 1842, died May 15, 1898. 

After the death of John H. Todd his widow became the second 
wife of Hon. John J. Crittenden. Thomas Todd, born January 15, 
1822. di>':1 Ortnhf^r — . 1823. The b(-anty of her face, the grace and 
charm of her person and manners were but the external reflection of 
the loveliness of her mind and character. 

^^'''- '' ■'* VIRGINIA TODDS 

Elizabeth Harris, married Thomas Todd, son of Richard Todd 
and Elizabeth Richards. After the death of his first wife he mar- 
ried Lucy Washington, born Lucy Payne, a sister of Mrs. President 
James Madison. The children of Elizabeth Harris and Thomas 
Todd are: 

Harry Innes Todd, born May 2G, 1788, died November 29, 1812, 
unmarried. Frankford, Ky. 

Charles Stewart Todd, born January 22, 1791, married Letitia 
Shelby, June 16, 1816, died May 16, 1871, at Frankford, Ky. 

Eliz. Richards Todd, born November 18, 1792, married John 
Harris Hanna. 

John Harris Todd, born June 12, 1795, married Maria Knox 
Innes, October 30, 1817, died August 31, 1824. Frankford, Ky. 

Anna Maria Todd, born May 29, 1801, married Edmund Lyne 

Millicent Todd never married. She died at 18 years of age. 


John Harris Todd and Maria Knox Innes had Harry Innes, 
bom September 6, 1818, married Jane Ballingcr Davidson, August 
20, 1839. died May 12, 1891. 

Elizabeth Anne Todd, born May 8, 1820, married Will Henry 
Watson, March 29, 1S42, died May 15, 1898. 

Thomas Todd, born January 15, 1822, died October 10, 1S23. 

Catharine Lucy Todd, born June 20, 1824, married L. 
Crittenden, October 19, 1842, died March 13, 1895. . , _., 



Elizabeth Richards Todd, married Robert H. Russell, born 
April 17, 1817, married January 11, 1837, died November 4, 1834. 

Isaac Shelby Todd, married Sarah Wilson, born December 25, 
1818, married January 26, 1847, died December 23, 1888. 

Thomas Todd, married, first, Jane Smith, second, Susan Hamp- 
ton Jacobs, born December 1, 1820, married, first, January 14, 1841, 
p.nd, second, October 21, 1851, married, third, Bettie D. Bonney, 
May 10, 1S50. 

Susannah Hand Todd, born July 16, 1822, died January 13, 1825. 

Sarah Shelby Todd, married, first, Finley W. Wall, August 22, 
1848, and, second, E. A. Hathaway, June Gth, 1854, born January 
13, 1825, died September 1, 1901. 

John Harris Todd, born September 28, 1826, died August 
29, 1852. 

Charles Stewart Todd, born October 7, 1828, died May 31, 1832. 

Henry Clay Todd, born September 5, 1830, died May 30, 1832. 

Letitia Shelby Todd, married John H. Carter, October 20, 1855, 
born December 10, 1832, died June 22, 1892. 

Anne Maria Todd, born November 13, 1834, died September 
13, 1835. 

Virginia Shelby Todd, married Daniel M. Griffith, October 14, 
1857, born November 16, 1836, died August 9, 1883. 


Charles Henry Todd, married Rose Burwell, February 15, 1865, 
born November 6, 1838. 



Lync Starling, born August 23, 1818, married, first, Miriam 
Dillon, July 8, 1838, second, Anna B; Wallner, June 13, 1843, third, 
Mary Hallison, April 29, 1846, died November 25, 1851. 

Thomas Todd Starling, born May 20, 1820, died July 22, 1821. 

ociidi Cdiiicdi oiaiiiug, married Henry Lyne, June 2, 1849, 
born February 11, 1823, died April 23, 1859. 

Jane Davidson Starling, born October 31, 1824, died February 
27, 1840. 

Elizabeth Todd Starling, born June 11, 1826, died September 
19, 1841. 

William Starling, born November 30, 1827, died October 
29, 1850. 

Charles Todd Starling, born February 27, 1851, married Maria 
J. Tunstall, September 22, 1829. 

Susanna Lyne Starling, born September 6, 1834, died September 
13, 1832. 

Ann Maria Starling, born August 6, 1837, died April 20, 1838. 

Lucy Bell Starling, born July 28, 1839, died January 12, 1840. 

Edward Lyne Starling, born June 10, 1841, died July 12, 1841. 


Harriet Davidson Todd, born January 29, 1811, married John 
W. Rugh, December 27, 1883. 

Ann Innes Todd, born November 3, 1842, died December 15, 
1875, never married. 

James Davidson Todd, born July 4, 1814, never married. 

John Harris Todd, born October 11, 1815, married, first, Bonriie 
Broadhead, July 27, 1866, second, Annie Boifinellet, Maich 10, 

■fn>»«. 1 ,•<'.. ,,-1 >T«,,.. ,t,„« 10 irQO 

AOti^, »-w L.*-L. J. J U 'v ; ; . ,, i ,. ^. 

Chapman Coleman Todd, born April 5, 1848, married, first, Ann 
Mary Thornton, October 7, 1869, second, Eliza James, October 
24, 1872. 

Harry Innes Todd, born December 28, 1850, died August 23, 
1895; never married. •'■ ' ■ . ; - .• , 

Maria Church Todd, born February 3, 1852, died August 
13, 1853. 

Julia Robertson Todd, born February 3, 1852; never married. 

Maria Crittenden Todd, born January 9, 1854; never married. 

George Davidson Todd, born April 19, 1856, married Laura 
Chapin Durkee, April 28, 1S97. 

Jennie Logan Todd, born June 2, 1858, married Isaac N. Card- 
well, November 16, 1882. 

Mary Hannah Todd, born April 20, 1860, married James L, 
Watson, June 16, 1881. 

Elizabeth Watson Todd, born January 17, 18G2, died December 
18, 18G5. 

Kitty Thomas Todd, born March 30, 1863, married S. B. 
Holmes, October 15, 1885. 

Bobert Crittendon Todd, born January 24, 1833, married William 
Virginia Corton, February 6, 1890. 




Florence Carter, born 1856, married Peyton C. Richards. 

John Todd Carter. c • ■ . . \i ., 

Virginia Griffith Carter. 

Charles Todd Carter. ■'''*' ■' " ' 

Edward Lee Carter. 

Thomas Todd Carter. 



Letitia Shelby Griffith, born August 11, 1858, mprried Henry 
Colston Watkins, 1880. 

Virginia Todd Griffith, born October 2, 1859, died April 28, 1875. 

Joshua Todd Griffith, born April 1, 1861, married Jennie Roths- 
child, 1891. 

Florence Griffith, born February 1, 1863, married Harmon A. 
Miller, 1885. 

Rosa Burwell Griffith, born June 13, 1865, married Samuel 
Shelton Watkins, 1887. 

Daniel Mosely Griffith, born September 19, 1867, married Sue 
Mildred Herr, 1894. 

Charles Todd Griffith, born September 19, 1871, died April 
30, 1880. 

Ruth Griffith, born January 15, 1870, died December 10, 1884. 

Clinton R. Griffith, born August 30, 1873. 

Mary Ridgely Griffith, born March 27, 1876, married Lee Davis 
Ray. She died December 10, 1901. 




Laura Griffith Todd, born May 29, 1849, married William W. 
Black, April 16, 1874. 

Thomas Wilson Todd, born June 6, 1852, died March 19, 1892; 
never married. 

Susan Hampton Todd, born May 11, 1854, married Vernon 
Wolfe, August 14, 1873. 

Charles Stewart Todd, born October 28, 1841, died December 

81, 1862. 

Henry Smith Todd, born August 10, 1843. 

Katherine Shelby Todd, born September 24, 1861. 
Charles Stewart Todd, born April 11, 1863. 
Rawley Bonney Todd, born January 5, 1865. 
Letitia Shelby Todd, born Decem.ber 13, 1866. 
Elizabeth Virginia Todd, born April 7, 1869. 



Sarah Shelby Wall, born May 28, 184S, married W. H. Lindsay, 
1872. died 1874. 

Letitia Shelby Wall, born 1850, died February 12, 1854. 


Charles Todd Hathaway, born April 12, 1855. 
Alice Hathaway, born 1857, married Dr. P. T. Johnson, 1876. 
Thomas Shelby Hathaway, born 1858, died 1882. 
John Hathaway, born 1859, married Kate Major, 1890, died 1890. 
Chnton G. Hathaway, born 1801. 




Edward Howe Watson, born April 2, 1843, died March 13, 1848. 

Ann Innes Watson, born July 29, 1845, died October 6, 1848. 

Katherine Crittenden Watson, born August 7, 1843, married 
Lyne Starling, October 1, 1872, died 

Maria Crittenden Watson, born January 29, 1852, married 
Joseph Wcisiger Lindsay, January 7, 1873. 

Emmeline Swigert Watson, born March 8, 1855, married Robert 
t^, vvaiiti, J uiii^ «, x\jt^. .... 



Annie Crittenden, born January 10, 1844, died December, 1844. 

John Jordon Crittenden, born June 7, 1854, died June 25, 1876; 
never married. 

Maria Innes Crittenden, born March 23, 1856, died November 
17, 1859. 


Letitia Shelby Russell, born February 21, 1838, married Judge 
R. T. Posey. ~ 

William H. Russell, born March 23, 1839. 

Olga Russell, born Decem.ber 3, 1842, married Thomas Hall. 

Charles Stewart Russell, born March 25, 1847. 

Robert Edward Russell, born January 2, 1859, married Maude 
Murphy, April 28, 1887. 




William Burwell Todd, born March 9, 1870, died September 
24, 1870. 

Rosa Shelby Todd, born July 11, 1873. 

Isaac Shelby Todd, born October 15, 1875, died February 
5, 1876. 

Francis Steptoe Todd, born April 11, 1879. 

Charles Stewart Todd, born December 16, 1883. 

Letitia Burwell Todd, born June 18, 1887, died June 21, 1887. 

Jane Todd Holmes, born August 1, 1S88. 
John Todd Holmes, born April 20, 1883. •:•" .'-"'m-' 


Virginia Cotton Todd, born July 28, 1892. 
Harry Innes Todd, bom January 30, 1894. 
Fannie Cotton Todd, born May 23, 1895. 
James Davidson Todd, born December 22, 1896. 
Logan Cardwell Todd, born December 23, 1899. 



Cornelia Culmies Black, born April 11, 1875. 
William C. Black, born August 1, 1876. 
Isaac Shelby Black, born January 5, 1878. 




Sarah Shelby Wolfe, born April 20, 1784, married Harrison 
Mason Shallcross, April 20, 1895. 

Charles Todd Wolfe, born Au^ist 31, 1879. 

Chancie Johnson Wolfe, born November 25, 18S2. 

Susie Vernon Wolfe, born November 11, 1887. :, 

Mary Chamley Wolfe, born November 30, 1895. 



Bonnie Brodhead Todd, born July 16, 1867. 



I Annie Innes Todd, born December 29, 1879, died January 

I 7, 1882. . 

! Margaret Bates Todd, born May 22, 1884. 

James Thornton Todd, born July 18, 1870, died August 11, 1870. 


Andrew James Todd, born November 3, 1876, died July 13, 1877. 
I Harry Innes Todd, bom July 2S, 1880. 

I Chapman Coleman Todd, born January 22, 1893. 

I 21 


Laura Durkee Todd, born March 8, 1899. 
George Davidson Todd, born December 15, 1900. 



Jane Todd Watson, born October 27, 1882. ' 

James Saffel Watson, born April 21, 1887. 

Harry Innes Todd Watson, born December 16, 1888. 

April 25, 1778, Mallory Todd to Annie Robinson, security, 
Thomas Everard. 

Robert Todd is mentioned in the York Records in 1642, and 
bought land in Gloucester in 1652. In 1666 there is a grant of 
land in Gloucester to William Todd, son and heir of Robert Todd, 

Thomas Todd patented land in Elizabeth City in 1647, in 
Gloucester in 1644. Branches of the family were long residents 
in Gloucester and in King and Queen. The most prominent man 
of the name v/as Thomas Todd, of Kentucky, Justice of the United 
States Supreme Court, was born in King and Queen County, Va. 

The Histor>' of Bakimore County, Md., states that a Major 
Thomas Todd came from Virginia, patented land at North Point 
in 18G4 and left a son, Thomas. ■ _' ' . 

John V/iatt, born May 15, 1732, and died January 5, 1805, 
married Mary, daughter of (Christopher?) and EHzabeth Todd, of 
Toddsbury, on North River; had Dr. W. E. Wiatt, bom 1762, 
and died December 26, 1802, married Mary, daughter of John 
and Elizabeth Graham, February 8, 1781. Children: 

John Vv^iatt, married Caroline Dabney. 


Dr. W, E. Wiatt, mariied Lrouisa Stubbs, daughter of John 
S. Stubbs. 

Eleanor, married Colonel Scott. 

Eliza Maria, married Walker Jones. ■*• ■•'■-■•: 

Colonels Thomas Todd and Hawte never married. 

Captain Christopher Todd, born 2d of April, 1G30, and died 
March 26, 1743. . . • ...... 

Captain Thomas Todd, born 1660, and died January 16, 1724. 

Lucy Tabb, daughter of Christopher and Elizabeth Todd, 
born November 20, 1721, died February lb, 1791. 

Frances Todd, born April 12, 1692, died November 5, 1703. 

February 7, 1774, William Todd and Jean Shelton, daughter 
of Cuspin Shelton. Sarah Ann Thornton, married James Todd, 
of Henry County, Va. 

Jane Hume, married Rev. John Todd, minister of Lark ICirk, 
had Mary Owen. '■•"f^.. s .--i r '■..■•u:' . .' ■, --•■ 

Sarah Ashton, married Rev. John Todd, rector of William 
and Mary Parish, Charles County, Md. 

Charles Carr, married Elizabeth Todd, of Kentucky. 

Maria Pendleton Tarwood, married Rev. William Todd. 

Elizabeth Pollard, married Bernard Todd, of Charlotte County, 
Va. ; they had five sons and t%vo daughters. 

John Todd and Mary V/illiams had John, bom August 7, 1775. 

July 27, 1790, Rev. John Todd died. 

Elizabeth Todd, widow of Henry Seaton, was daughter of 
Thomas Todd and Elizabeth Bernard. 

Cornelius Todd, married Mary Jones, December 17, 1739. 
Daniel Green, married Minnie Todd. 


Ellen Carr, daughter of J. Bcucher Caxr, married Dr. Benj. 
Todd, who was killed by bush whackers in 18G2, in Lincoln 
County, Mo. Mrs. Ellen Todd died a few years ago in California. 
She had three sons and three daughters. The oldest, Droverton 
Todd, is married and resides at Batchtown, Calhoun County, 111. 
Birdie Winston Todd and his sister, Mrs. Laura T. Collins, reside 
at Corsicana, Texas. Mollie Todd, daughter of Ellen B. Todd, 
married William O. Todd, and ihey reside in California. Price 
Todd resides in Texas. 

John Baylor, in 1698, married a v/idow, Mrs. O'Brien, v/hose 
maiden name was Lucy Todd. 

Colonel William Rodes married, second, Margaret Todd, atid 
had a son, Levi Todd, v/ho married Miss Martin. 

Lucy, daughter of Hayward and Sarah Todd, March 22, 1751. 

Dr. Charles Todd married Burwell, daughter of Frances Cal- 
loway and William M. Burwell. 

Jane Herndon, born 1829, lives at Owensboro, Ky., married 
Dr. David F. Todd, born November 15, 1809, died September 7, 
1878. Children all born in Owensboro. 

John, born April 3, 1852, died October 20, 1873. ' "'^ ■ ■• ■ 

Beverly, born May 24, 1853, married September 20, 1874, Mary 
Moorman. :..-.■.. •:».-• "-li'i 

David F., born March 2, 1854, died August 25, 1877, married 
November 29, 1876, Charlie Thruston. 

Robert S., born December 7, 1856, married, April 8, 1879, 
Carran Thruston. 

Butler, born August 7, 1860, died June 26, 1866. 

Charles A., born March 31, 1863, married November 16, 1888, 
Lula Ford. 

Mary Ann, born Februaiy 8, 1871, died June 22, 1871. 


See Gen. of the Descendants of John Walker, of Wigton, Scot- 
land, Kanby, Mo., 1502, by Emir.a Siggins V/hite, for Todds. 

Wilb in Frederic): County, Va., Todd, James, 1800. 

1790, March 11th, died in Caroline County, Va., Dr. George 
Todd, aged 80. 

Here lyes the body of Captain Thomas Todd. Sr., who was 
born in the year of our Lord, 1G60, and departed this life the 
16th day of January, 1724-25. 

Here lyeth the body of Mrs. Anne Cooke, the vnfe of Mr. John 

Cooke, and eldest daughter of Captain Thomas Todd and Elizabeth 

Todd. She was born in this Parish of Ware, on the 9th day of 

November, Anna Domini 1682, and died the 18th day of July, 1720, 

in hopes of a joyful resurrection to eternal life which God grant 

her for her Blessed Redeemer's sake. Amen. 

William and Mary Quar. 315. 

Toddsbury on North River. i«J^O^^ JO 

Here lyes interred the body of Francis Todd, who was born 
April 12, 1822, (1G92), and departed this life November 5, 1703. 

William and Mary Quar. 3-119. 

I am inclined to think that Christopher Todd, of New Haven, 
migrated from Virginia with the Insleys, Johnsons and others to 
New Haven, and that Michael Todd, of Dorchester County, who 
married Margaret Insley as a second wife, about 1690, v/as his son. 
Hennings Statutes says that ?>:ichael Todd, son of Christopher 
Todd, of New Haven, married Esther Marsh. 

James Hibbard married Anne Todd, aunt of Judge Todd, of 
Kentucky. .,^^ 


Jane Hume, married Rev. John Todd, minister of Lady Kirk, 
she was the daughter of George Hume and Margaret, daughter 
of Sir Patrick Hume. 

Charles Carr married EHzabeth Todd, of Kentucky. They 
had thirteen children, of whom: 

Robert Elisha Todd, married Sarah Block. 

John Madison married Isabella Todd and had Ambrose, and 
Captain John ^Ambrose was the grandfather of James Madison, 
President of the United States, married Dolly Payne, widow of 
John Todd. 

Captain John married and was the father of Willian? 

Madison, who married Elizabeth Preston. Thomas Madison mar- 
ried the youngest sister of Patrick Henry. 

James Madison, President of William and Mary College. 

George Madison, Governor of Kentucky. 

Rowland Madison and others. 

Ambrose Madison married Frances Taylor, August 24, 1721, 
died August 27, 1732. His wife died November 25, 1761. 

Maria Pendleton Harwood, daughter of William Har%vood, 
married Rev. William Todd. 

! itA 


Augustine Warner Robbins, of Level Green, Gloucester 
County, born 1809, died June 19, 1876, member of House of Dele- 
gates from Gloucester, 1841-42 and 1843, married, first, Marie 
Todd, second, Elizabeth Todd. Issue by first marriage: 

William, Mary married Latawm, of King and Queen. 

Bernard, Bartlett, married and died without issue. 

Archibald Harwood married Sinclair, had children: Joseph, 
married Bagby; Maria, married Solom.on Kemp; Taylor, married 
Sallie Seawell and had two children. 


Samuel Todd, August County, 1758, September. 
James Todd, Captain William, Wallis County, from Augusta 
County, September 10, 1744. 

Jolin Todd, Cadet Lord Dummores was, 1774, Captain Philip 
Loris County. 

Barbara Jones died March 19, 17C5. Names her brother 
George Todd in will. 

October 1, 1745: Richard Todd, King and Queen County, 
gentleman, to William Lynn, of Town of Fredericksburg, Dr. of 
rii^/iic -10, lot CO, iii tovvu cI Frcdcrich'^bUig, devised by the last 
will and testament of Colonel William Todd. 

Captain Christopher Todd and Elizabeth, also had Thomas, 
born 1728, and died 1780. Christopher Todd, son of Thomas Todd, 
Jr., bom April 1G30, died March 28, 1743, married Elizabeth and 
had Lucy, born 1721, died 1794, married, 1749, Edward Tabb. 
Mary, born 1725, died 1794, married John W. Wyatt, had Dr. 
W .E. Wyatt. ■ •• ' ■.-..: ... 


Thomas, 1-1 ,wife, Anna Todd; son, Thomas; daughters, Ann, 
Johanna, Francis and Averella, May 30, 1677. 

Thomas, 1-227-230; sons, Thomas, Robert; brothers, William, 
Christopher, Philip, January 11, 1714. 

Thomas, 1-304; daughters, Elizabeth, Eleanor and Frances; 
also youngest daughter Mary ; son, Thomas, April 2, 1739. 

William., 9-333, daughter, Sarah; nieces, Sarah and 

Eleanor; daughters of George T., December 14, 1813. 

Bernard, 10-221, wufe, Mary, December 13, 1816. 

William, 27-132, wife,Mary Ann, April 5, 1856. 

Marcella, 43-164, daughter, Honora Adelaide, October 16, 1874. 


Joseph, 70-304, to Robert Maben Todd, September 4, 18S5. 
Martin L., 75-285, wife, Ann Emily, July 2, 1891. 

November 9, 1898, 78-81, Charles DeM., mother, Margaret A. 
106-447, Elizabeth J., husband, James Harry Todd, 1903, 
May 10 th. 


2-279, Lanceloe, November 9, 1791, administrator Thomas; 
amnnnt, 49 pounds. 2 shillingfs and 5 pence. 

2-?83, Richard, May 23, 1797, Thomas Tenant, 1447-10-11; 

2-285, Thomas, September 26, 1798; William and Christian, 

3-253, Owen, June 22, 1S03, Thomas Bissett, $400. 

4-235, Thomas, February' 13, 180S, William McKay, $20.09. 

5-243, William, December 4, 1813, Thomas Parker, $2,546.72^. 

6-283, Bernard, October 9, 1816, Richard Shaw, $4,798.50. 

15-345, WiUiam, September 22, 1856, Mary Ann; amount, 

17-184, Josiah, March 24, 1864, John H. Adams; amount, 

17-184, William J., May 26, 1864, Marcella T., 

The following is from records at Annapolis, Md., Will Book. 

Book 5-A, Page 227— Thomas Todd, Baltimore.. Will made 
February 26, 1675; probated May 30, 1677; gives to wife Anna 
land in England, to (4) daughters Anne, Johanna, Frances and 
Averilla, personaHty; to brother Christopher and heirs, money and 
seven hundred acres called "Todde," on Chester River. Executor, 
son Thomas; testator, Eben Mylan, Symond Whitthall. 



1 ^r -j 

1 . . ^4^- 


■iriwiii TTiTinpi ■ iwniiwn: 

'■■ ■ 



t" " ^ " ■'" 

Book 2-11, Page 219— Anne Arundel County, 1691; Lancelot 
Todd, wife Sara!i, son John, daughters Mary, Elizabeth, Ellinor, 
Kinsman, Lancelot. 

(14) Book WB-1, Page 15—1715: Thomas Todd, Baltimore; 
names v.nfe Elizabeth, sons Robert and Thomas. 

(15) Book TB-1, Page 14—1718: Richard Todd, Anne Arundel 
County; wife Margaret, son Lancelot, daughters Elizabeth and 

' (22) Book DD-1, Page 37—1739. Thomas Todd, Baltimore; 
wife Ellinor, daughters Elizabeth, Ellinor, Frances, Mary. 

(21) Book T & JD, Page bbb — iV35: Lancelot Todd, Anne Ar- 
undel Co., wife Elizabeth, sons Thomas, Lancelot, John; daughters 
Sarah (wife of Edw. Dorsey), Ruth (wife of Michael Dorsey). 

(22) Book DD-1, Page 373—1741: Elizabeth Todd, Anne Ar- 
undel County; sons Lancelot, Nathan, daughters Sarah Dorsey 
and Ruth Dorsey. 

(22) Book DD-1, Page 517—1742: Lancelot Todd, Anne Ar- 
undel County, son of Charles ; daughters Margaret and Ann. 

(38) Book WD-3, Page 80—1770: Nathan Todd, Anne Arundel 
County, wife Rebecca, daughter Mary. 

(JG) Book 1, Page 207—1791. Richard Todd, Anne Arundel 
County; wife Anne, daughter Margaret. 

Book DD-1, Page 113— 1S66: Richard Todd, Anne Arundel 
County; wife Barbara. 

(20) Book CC-3, Page 217—1731: Michael Todd, Dorchester 
County; wife Mary. 

(29) Book BT-1, Page 224—1754: James Todd, Dorchester 
County; wife Alice, sons Michael (married Elizabeth, had Betsy, 
Elliott, November 3, 1763), Jonathan, James, Jabin, Stephen, 
daughters Althea, Dolly. 


(37) Book WD-2, Page 634—1770: Benjamin Todd, Dor- 
chester County ; wife Betty, sons Benjamin, John, Joseph, Job. 
Jacob born December 22, 170G. Abraham born April, 1751; daugh- 
ters Mary, Jane Phihps, Kessiah ElHott; born February 23, 1743, 
Margaret. Job married Mary and had Ahce, September, 1763; 
Benjamin, March 15, 1767. 


Philip, son of Thomas Todd, Jr., d. s. p., SherilT of Gloucester, 

M^llery Moore Todd and Farney Todd, children of Mallery 
Todd, Sr. 

Martha Bridger's will, dated January 15, 1789, proved Feb- 
ruarj' 5, 178?. Legacies to William Todd, son of Mallery Todd, 
Mrs. Martha Van Wagner, to Fanny Robertson Todd, gc-dson 
Joseph Hodsden, Mrs. Keziah Harvey, Miss Frances Day, Miss 
Ehzabeth Day, Miss Sarah Degges, Miss Polly Degges; residue 
of her estate to her son Joseph Bridger. In case of his death be- 
fore 21 the property to go equally to her sisters, Mrs. Mary Davis, 
Mrs. Francis Browne, Mrs. Keziah Harvey, the children of my 
sisters, Agnew Todd, brother William Mallory, brother-in-law 
Captain Mallory Todd and Brother Vv'illiam Mallory Wit. 

' Mallory Todd, April 25, 1778. Eliza Armistead born May 26, 
1794, married John Todd. 

Robert Armistead married Louisa Moore Todd, May 1, 1813, 
and had Westwood Todd Armistead, January 26, 1814, died Oc- 
tober 27, 1873. 

Robert Smith, April 2, 1815, died an infant. 
Nancy Todd, born February 10, 1817. 
Eliz. Smith, born July 23, 1818. 


Sarah Ashton, married John Todd, rector of William and Mary 

William Todd was a son of Captain Mallory Todd. 
■ Mrs. Mary Davis, Mrs. Frances Browne, Mrs. Keziah Harvey 
were children of Angelina Todd. 

Ann Mary Thornton married Lieutenant Chapman Todd. 


Thomas J. Todd died March 26, 1843, aged 28. ,. 

Bernard Todd died September 13, 1816, in his fiftieth year. 

George W. Todd died February 7, 1830, in his twentieth year. 

On the Patapsco Neck, about twelve miles from Baltimore, 
in the neighborhood of North Point, are many places with tradi- 
tions of early occupancy. Near Edger Place is a Todd Homestead, 
with its well-kept graveyard. 

Thomas Todd and wife Elizabeth Bernard had Thomas, who 
went to Mar>'land; Richard, Philip and Christopher. Anne, who 
married Cooke; Lucy, who married, first, O'Brien, second, John 
Baylor ; EHzabeth, who married, first, a, Seaton, second, 
Colonel Augustine Moore; another daughter married North. 

Colonel Moore and Elizabeth Todd and (1) EHzabeth, v/ho 
married, first, Lloyd, second. Colonel James Macon. 

(2) Augustine. 

(3) Lucy, who married John Robinson. 

(4) Bernard, married Anne Batherine Spotswood. 

(5) Thomas. 

Elizabeth Pollard married Bernard Todd. They had five sons 
and two daughters. 

John, son of John Todd and Mary Williams, born August 
7, 1775. 


Elizabeth Todd was the daughter of Thomas Todd. 

Gent, of Gloucester County, and his wife, said to have been 
Elizabeth Bernard, daughter of William Bernard, and widow Lucy 
Burwil, maiden name Hickcrson. She married Colonel Augustina 
Moore as his second wife. She was the widow of Henry Sfeaton. 

Cornelius Todd married Mary Jones, December 17, 1739. 
John Cooke married Anne Todd, daughter of Captain Thomas 
Todd and Elizabeth. 

Todd: Several of the name appear early in the Seventeenth 
Century. Robert is mentioned in the York records in 16-12, and 

oougnt land m Gloucester in 1G52. In 1G66 there is a grant of land 
in Gloucester to William Todd, son and heir of Robert Todd, 
deceased. - : ' 

Thomas Todd patented land in Elizabeth City in 1647, and 
in Gloucester in 1G64. 

Branch of the family was long resident in Gloucester and King 
and Queen. The history of Baltimore County, Md., states that a 
Major Thomas Todd came from Virginia, patented land at North 
Point in 1664 and left a son, Thomas. 

Sarah, a Todd wife of Levi Todd, maiden name Ashby, daugh- 
ter of Nathaniel Ashby. 

There is a tomb at Toddbury as worn as to be undecipherable. 
It is supposed to be the father of Captain Thomas Todd, Sr. 

Toddbury is now occupied by the North family, having passed 
out of the Todd family, to v/hich it belonged for generations. The 
building upon the place is of brick. The house is not large, but 
beautifully paneled within, and dispensed a princely hospitality. 
The scenery of the North River is exquisite, every half mile or 
so some handsome residence decorates the shore. Nev/stead, 
Toddbury, Exchange, Elmington, Dunham Masse, Green Plains, 
Auburn, Isleham, etc. 


;;.■ ^i:^ 

Oi". '>', 

Dr. Oscar Knight married Eller Todd, of Nottov/ay, and had 
one daughter, who married a Mr, De Campe, of New Jersey. 

N. B. There is a record of a Robert Todd, baptized October 
4, 1602, of Danby, in Calvary Church, Yorkshire, England, parish 
register; also a Robert Todd, of Hull, baptized July 26, 1597. If 
the latter is the Robert who came to Virginia in 1622 he could have 
been the father of Christopher, of New Haven, Conn. 


Thomas Todd, late of the County of Gloucester, gentleman, 
was in his lifetime seized in fee of and in divers large tracts of 
land, and, among others, one of certain tract or parcel of land in 
the said County, situated lying and being near the North River 
bridge, containing six hundred acres, with the appurtenances and 
being so thereof seized did make his last will and testament in 
writing bearing date of 4th day of March, in the year of our Lord 
one thousand seven hundred and thirty-two. 

Names grandson, Bernard Todd, son of Richard Todd, also 
William, grandson of Richard Todd; names son William, son 
Philip, son Christopher. 


Land Commissioner's Office, Charles A. Smith, Commissioner. 

Annapolis, January 11, 1910. 
Mr. John R. Whitcraft, 

Merchantville, N. J. 
Dear Sir: 

Your letter of the Sth inst. is to hand, and beg to say that v/e 
have rua tli^ lnJc^.ts xoi deeds, etc., covering some years before 
and after the period you state (1676-7), but fail to find any deed 
from Mrs. Anne Todd to Charles Gorsuch, trustee. This deed may 
be in the Court of Common Pleas of Baltimore City, or the Court 
that has the custody of the old County Provincial Records. 

There must have been some relation existing between Charles 
Gorsuch and James Todd on account of the following entry: 

Nich's Fitzsimmons and vAfe, and James Tod; agent, Charles 
Garsuch. — High Court of Chancery. Spa. and Injunct. Bill to be 
filed in 15 days, viz: by ye 25 inst. (Oct., 1695). Liber P. C. No. 2, 
folio 318. 

Nich's Fitzsimmon and James Tod; agent, Charles Gorsuch. — 
High Court of Chancery. This cause agreed. Liber P. C. No. 2, 
folio 339. 

This is all we are able to give you concerning your inquiry. 
Very truly yours, 


Commissioner of the Land Office. 

Per O. M.